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Schedule your COVID Vaccinations at Carolina

UNC undergraduate students, graduate students, post-doctoral fellows, eligible partners/spouses*, and faculty/staff can be vaccinated at the Carolina Student Vaccination Clinic. There are two steps to this process.

Register with CVMS

We have uploaded basic info for UNC community members to the North Carolina COVID Vaccine Management System (CVMS). You should have received an email to pre-register in that system on your UNC Campus Directory email account. Use that email to access the state vaccination management system, set up a password, and complete the pre-registration process.

Registering with CVMS should be completed before you show up for your vaccination appointment.

Book an Appointment at the Carolina Student Vaccination Clinic

Appointment availability and type of vaccine are determined based on weekly vaccine distribution by the state. Currently, appointments are for the two-dose Moderna vaccine. This brand of vaccine is approved for ages 18 and older. 


There will be no out-of-pocket cost to people who receive a vaccine. Bring your insurance card; your insurance will cover administrative costs.


Plan for your visit to take up to one hour. You will need to remain on-site for the entirety of your appointment including an observation period. When you book your appointment, avoid conflicts with classes, exams, or work. For students - we are asking faculty to be flexible about class absences related to vaccination appointments; however, Campus Health will not be providing excused absence forms for your appointment.

Please consider the timing and location of both doses before beginning the Moderna vaccine series.  If you won’t be in the area to receive your 2nd dose in 4 weeks at the Carolina Student Vaccination Clinic, you’ll want to confirm where you can schedule a 2nd dose (such as your local county health department, hospital, or retail pharmacy) or wait until your schedule allows you to get both shots from the same provider.


Appointments will be provided at Student Stores Pharmacy on the top floor of UNC Student Stores.


Student Stores Pharmacy, located on the top floor of UNC Student Stores at 207 South Road in Chapel Hill, offers ease in access through a range of transportation options including access for bike riders and pedestrians on campus, ten reserved parking spots on Stadium Drive, overflow parking in Rams Head Parking Deck (validation provided at vaccination site), and town and regional bus transit stops located immediately adjacent to the vaccination site: Chapel Hill Transit Routes U, A, FCX, S, and GoTriangle Routes 800, 800S, 805, CRX. 

Students, Post Docs, and employees can log in with their ONYEN to access the Carolina Student Vaccination Clinic scheduling system.


Reach out to Campus Health at if you have questions about the Carolina Student Vaccination Clinics. 

*Eligible partners or spouses can visit the vaccination clinic during open hours to receive their vaccine. No appointment is necessary.